Andis 04785 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer - Black

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Andis GTX T-Outliner Trimmer - Black

  • PROFESSIONAL TRIMMERS: Use for crisp, clean lines and sharp edges with zero overlap blades. Works as a hair, beard, sideburns, and mustache trimmer. All-in-one device, suitable for all ages.
  • POWERFUL: High-torque rotary motor with quality machines drive components to allow for professional-grade shaving at home, produce minimum noise, and preserve long-term availability and with a heavy-duty 8-foot cable provides ample working space.
  • BUMP FREE TECHNOLOGY: With diamond finished T Blades feature provides dry trimming, zero overlaps, super-close, clean shave without causing razor bumps or irritation.
  • STRONG CARBON T-BLADES: The blades are durable and stay sharp longer than other blades, maintaining sharpness without pulling the hair, high-quality carbon steel blades provide smooth hair/beard trimming with total body grooming.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: This professional beard and hair trimmer is 7 x 3 x 10 inches and weighs 11.2 ounces. This T-Blade is made of Alloy Steel with a Heavy-duty 8ft cord with a hanger loop for durability or longevity, suitable for the whole family home use and outside travel.