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Bene Casa 40012 -12" Fry Pan Nonstick Aluminum

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Bene Casa 40012 -12" Fry Pan Nonstick Aluminum

The Bene Casa aluminum nonstick Fry Pan is great for sautéing, drying, browning and searing. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, the hanging hole in the heat resistant handle allows for convenient space saving storage, great for even the smallest space.

Made from sturdy aluminum that provides fast heat distribution for even cooking, it remains light enough for easy handling, the ergonomic handle comfortable in use. With its nonstick coating and generous size, this fry pan is a pleasure to use every time.

A charcoal black exterior with double silver line etching gives an elegant look that ensures this fry pan looks as good as it performs. Easy to keep clean thanks to a nonstick interior and dishwasher friendly exterior, it is suitable for most heat sources, and a maximum temperature of 464 °F. Order your eight-inch, nonstick fry pan today and enjoy lightweight, stylish and effective cooking whenever you want.