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Bene Casa BC-98871 Flat Grill Sandwich Maker Black

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Bene Casa BC-98871 Flat Grill Sandwich Maker Black

  • The Bene Casa flat grill sandwich maker in white provides perfectly cooked grilled cheese, Cuban sandwiches or many other snacks and sandwiches whenever you want. At just 9.75 inches by 4 inches by 9 inches, it has a generous cooking capacity but remains compact, and with upright storage, can fit into any kitchen.
  • The flat, non-stick cooking surfaces give this sandwich maker flexibility for many uses, while also offering easy clean up, even for grilled cheese! Easy to operate, it has just two lights, red means standby, green means ready to cook.
  • The automatic thermostat does the rest. Cool to the touch, it is safe in any home, and is the perfect option for great sandwiches and snacks whenever you want them. Instead of spending ages cleaning a grill of melted cheese, order the Bene Casa non-stick flat grill sandwich maker today, and enjoy your grilled cheese and other snacks without the hassle.