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Reliable Security

Omega's K-9 systems are famous for their innovation and reliability. K9 was awarded the distinguished "Best Buy Award" from Consumers Digest (November 1999). The K-9 Mundial-2 has set a new standard for flexible & affordable vehicle protection.

Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

Performs lock and unlock tasks without physical contact with the vehicle. Power door locks can be controlled from several feet away or even within a building using a remote fob. The fob emits a radio frequency that is digitally encoded to prevent frequency stealing so no one can enter into your vehicle without your wireless transmitter.

Dual Zone Shock Sensor

Dual Zone Shock Sensor

This shock sensor utilizes warning chirps for minor disturbances and will trip the alarm if it detects more serious impacts or disruptions. Most dual zone shock sensors have adjustable sensitivity to reduce false alarms or warnings. These sensors let would-be thieves know that your vehicle is equipped with an advanced alarm system and to keep away.

General Features:

  • Vehicle Security And Keyless Entry System
  • Two 3-button 433MHz code-jumping transmitters
  • Multi-tone electronic siren with programmable loud or quiet confirmation chirps
  • Status LED, valet switch
  • Dual flashing parking light outputs
  • Plug-in port for optional auxiliary sensor
  • Negative door trigger input
  • Positive door trigger input
  • Negative hood/trunk trigger input
  • Positive or negative siren/horn output
  • Starter interrupt output for included relay and socket
  • Negative door lock and unlock outputs with harness included
  • Negative auxiliary channel output
  • Remote panic feature
  • AU-84TM dual zone shock sensor included
  • Patented ATV transmitter-tampering protection
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (brain only)
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (remote Only)

Programmable Features:

  • Current sensing
  • 5 second or 3 minute current sensing delay
  • Last door arming
  • Doors lock with last door arming
  • Automatic rearming
  • Doors lock with automatic rearming
  • Steady output for siren or pulsed output for horn
  • Ignition "on" activated lock
  • Ignition "off" activated unlock
  • 30 or 60 second triggered alarm duration
  • Single or double pulse unlock output
  • Open door bypass alert
  • Auxiliary channel disarms alarm or remote car start mode
  • Transmitter-activated anti-carjacking
  • Door activated anti-carjacking
  • Ignition activated anti-carjacking
  • Confirmation chirps on or off
  • One button or two button arming / disarming

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