JLab HBGWRKPOPRTEL4 GO Work Pop Wireless Headphones- Teal

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JLab GO Work Pop Wireless Headphones- Teal


  • Wireless lightweight headset

    The perfect lightweight headphone for your work life. Enjoy clear calls and all-day comfort (and playtime) with our lightest, comfiest headset yet. The powerful boom mic can be rotated up.

  • 50+ Hours of playtime

    Battery: 380 mAh lithium polymer, Battery Life: 50+ Hours, Input Power: 5V, 500mA, Charge Plug: Type-C, Charge Time: 2.5 Hours

  • Bluetooth multipoint goes with Mobile/PC/Mac. Connect to any two devices

    Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your PC, Mac, mobile and more. With Bluetooth multipoint technology you can connect to any two devices simultaneously. Transition from mobile to laptop without touching any settings.

  • Lab quality sound with EQ2 voice or music mode

    With EQ2 voice or music mode you can enjoy Lab Quality Sound whether you’re on a call or listening to music. Voice EQ emphasizes more mid and high frequencies to emphasize human voice.

  • Rotating boom mic with noise canceling MEMS microphone

    Enjoy clear calls with the rotating boom mic and noise canceling MEMS microphone, which eliminates environmental sounds around you so that your voice remains crystal clear anytime, anywhere.

  • One-touch transition

    When you’re focused independently or to allow colleagues to hear just you (not the dog barking or the doorbell). Transition from mobile to laptop without touching any settings and enjoy GO Work wired while stationary at your computer or wireless for more mobility to multitask.