Targus AKB869US Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

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Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

  • Ready To Work: Make typing on your Chromebook easy with the Google-referenced design of this keyboard. Easily connect up to 3 devices for efficient and streamlined productivity
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Using Bluetooth BLE 5.2 wireless technology, the Works with Chromebook Midsize Bluetooth Keyboard can connect to your phone, your laptop, and your tablet, and easily switch between each with the push of a button
  • Stay Powered Up: 2 x AAA batteries included, with a convenient battery life indicator so you can always see your power level
  • DefenseGuard: Ideal for touch applications, Targus DefenseGuard Protection is a protective coating that does not wear off and lasts for the life of the product. This creates a cleaner touchpoint surface and works continuously to keep your keyboard safe
  • Additional Features: 128-bit AES-CCM encryption for robust security. Fast and precise typing response with every keystroke